Handmade Lacquer Box, Virgin Mary & Child, Russia Handmade Lacquer Box, Virgin Mary & Child, Russia

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Size: 2-5/8”W x 3-1/4” H.  

Handmade and hand painted
miniature icon box, with brilliant applied gold.

  • An extremely fine, hand
    decorated Russian Black Lacquer Box depicting the Virgin and Child.  
  • Signed on the lower front center.  
  • This is not one of the inexpensive
    pieces, but the high quality pieces that Russia is known for. 

Russian lacquer boxes are
one of Russia’s most intricate art forms. These miniature masterpieces are not
only highly decorative and collectible. 
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What is an icon?  
Orthodox Iconography is the visual expression of Church doctrine.  Therefore icons are not secular pictures with a religious topic, but art which, by its obedience to the canons of the faith, is an expression in lines and color of the teachings which the scriptures, the writings of the fathers, and other verbal expressions, express in words. Read more