Venice Canal - Original Oil Painting

Venice Canal – Original Oil Painting

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Artist: Unknown

Size: 20″ High x 24″ Wide Canvas

Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas.  

Presented in a 4-1/2″ designer frame.

Elegant flat paneled shape in dark brown stain over mottled
gold leaf, 

embossed gold-leaf on outer edge, fluted lines on inside edges.

Ready to hang.



Once this is sold it cannot be ordered again. The hand applied texture and accents are impossible to appreciate without seeing it in person. I guarantee that the painting is better than the photo.

“For those who appreciate the beauty and passion of classical impressionistic art, this inspiring painting combines classical motifs and today’s popular themes to create tomorrow’s treasures.” 

Inspired by the grace and masterful techniques of Impressionist artists, such as the works of artists like Monet and Renoir, this original oil painting captures the essence of Impressionism.


Why settle for a print when you can catch many admirers with this quality oil painting in your own living room or at your office?  How about giving this original piece of art as a gift?  Start or add to your own gallery of quality art.  It’s an investment that will appreciate over time.