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Japanese Kasumiga 12 MM Pearl Ring, 18K Gold by Kimberlin Brown

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About the artwork

South Sea Japanese Lake Kasumiga Pearl Ring with Ruby and Pink Mandarin Sapphires set in 18K Gold Exquisitely hand crafted South Sea Golden Coral Pendent from Kimberlin Brown’s Sea Anemone Collection.

Sea Anemone Collection
The gorgeous stones she sources from around the world are a s varied in color as the coral reef and include diamonds; sapphires in blue, pink, yellow and mandarin; watermelon tourmalines, and Tahitian pearls in peacock, gold and platinum.

Gravitating toward the beauty in nature, my passion is revealed through the unique, organic shapes I use in my designs as well as my reverence for natural aesthetics.”   Kimberlin Brown

About the Artist

Kimberlin Brown

Destinations that are off the beaten path serve as inspiration for Kimberlin’s collections.

“When I submerse myself in the culture and natural beauty of places like otherworldly Iceland to the hidden beaches of the Côte d’Azur I return to my studio overflowing with ideas.”

From her New York studio she creates her hand made fine jewelry using reclaimed and responsibly sourced gold and silver and conflict free gems from around the world as varied in color as a coral reef.

Kimberlin’s sea inspired pieces play prominent roles in coral conservation. The have also garnered a coterie of private clients including Adele, Bette Midler and Zac Posen’s runway collection.

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