Emilie Shapiro Jewelry – Inspired By Nature

Inspiration & Process
Emilie Shapiro Jewelry is unique and its designs are organic and natural. Emilie grew up on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Water has always been her constant and her inspiration. She comes from a long line of creative entrepreneurs, inventors, and free spirits. They have encouraged her to explore many different mediums throughout her artistic life. Emilie uses the ancient craft of lost wax casting which dates back to the Egyptians. This involves carving sculptural pieces into hard wax. She then casts them into metal. She incorporates rough gemstones into her work. It is a celebration of the beauty of natural imperfection. All production and resources are kept as local as possible. Every piece of Emilie Shapiro Jewelry is handmade in Emilie’s studio in New York City.

Education & Training
Emilie received her B.F.A. in Art + Design with a concentration in jewelry and metalsmithing from Syracuse University. She also studied at Alchimia, a contemporary school of jewelry in Florence, Italy. There she studied with artists Peter Bauhuis, Yoko Shimizu, and Marzia Rossi. Before launching her own jewelry line, Emilie worked as the Production Manager at Pamela Love and Allforthemountain. Emilie also teaches jewelry workshops at Liloveve Jewelry School, The 92Y,  as well as private lessons in her studio.

“Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” – Paolo Coehlo

You can buy Emilie Shapiro Jewelry through Anazao Galleries boutique and website.

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