Woodland Landscape by Rossard

Woodland Landscape by Rossard

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Artist: Rossard

36″ High x 48″ Wide Canvas

Hand-painted, original oil painting on canvas presented in a 5” wide x 3.25″ deep, burnished gold designer frame.  Ready to hang and enjoy.

This is an amazing work of art that will transport you to a place of peaceful serenity with every glance.


Once this is sold it cannot be ordered again. The
hand applied texture and accents are impossible to appreciate without seeing it
in person. 
guarantee that the painting is better than the photo.

those who appreciate the beauty and passion of classical impressionistic art,
this inspiring painting combines classical motifs and today’s popular themes to
create tomorrow’s treasures.”


Artist’s Biography


shadow, color, texture – these are the fundamental elements of Rossard’s art. His keen eye for perspective, affection for landscape, comprehensive understanding of the malleable nature of oils, and appreciation for the beauty in the world, all enrich the images Rossard
commits to canvas. His
vision on canvas is not an actual record of a particular site. Instead Rossard finds that fragments and details of places come together, and the finished work becomes a statement about a scene, rather
than an imitation of a specific locale. His work creates visions of warmth and wonder, full of life and light. His works are in private collections around the world and he has ‘had exhibitions in Europe, China, and the United States.