Virgin in Prayer by Sassoferratto

Virgin in Prayer by Sassoferratto Virgin in Prayer

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Size: 16″ High x 12″ Wide.  

Designer canvas transfer. Giclée on canvas with protective coating. Hand stretched over wood.

Frame Description: High quality, Larson-Juhl frame in fine gold finish. Gentle, contoured scoop design. 
Frame Size: 3-1/2” W x 2” D. Framed and ready to hang.

This mature work is a version of a popular design known in at least two other paintings by Sassoferrato. This particular design showing the Virgin at prayer is one of at least four evolved by the artist. The original was painted between 1640-50.

Sassoferrato places emphasis on the softly modelled draperies, the white veil and brilliant blue cloak, painted in ultramarine. The face remains largely in shadow, the eyes downcast, and this has the effect of highlighting the hands joined in prayer. 

The painting recalls works by such artists as Raphael, and anticipates certain Pre-Raphaelite paintings of the 19th century.

Artist’s Biography


Giovanni Battista Salvi was born at Sassoferrato in the Marches, from where he took his name. His work, which was consciously anachronistic in 17th-century Rome, looked back to the 15th-century manner of Perugino and Raphael. Sassoferrato’s paintings consist for the most part of immaculately painted devotional images of the Virgin and Holy Family, usually repeated in several versions.

Sassoferrato was trained in Umbria by his father before moving to Rome, where he was not entirely unaffected by contemporary painters, including Domenichino andReni. In his late years he was active again in Umbria and in Florence, where he would have known the work of Dolci, and where he may have died.