Mandarin Oaks by C. Ford Riley – Medium

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Artist: C. Ford Riley

Size: 16″ High x 20″ Wide.

Limited Edition of 250, artist signed and numbered. Giclée reproduction on Iris Paper.


Artist’s Biography


C. Ford Riley


Nowhere is the subtle balance of art and nature more richly demonstrated and keenly felt than in the dramatic paintings of C. Ford Riley. Highly versatile and working equally well in watercolor, oil and acrylic, Riley draws upon on-site observation and field research to weave visual tales of the out-of-doors.

His paintings, rich in detail and dramatic in color, reflect a deeply personal relationship with the world of nature. The relationship extends far beyond the edge of the canvas as he is an ardent conservationist who rallies on behalf of Florida wildlife and habitat hard pressed by current development practices. Although he acknowledges the necessity of development, he advocates seeking a balance between the needs of man with those of nature. Read more